For over 20 years, David Watson has solved problems for companies and individual clients. He has a unique way of helping people look at their problems and, after time, his way of helping becomes the solution. Every problem is unique and so is the solution. Through his long career in customer services and care work, David has always focused on the individual person, bringing understanding to their issues and tailoring his approach. He believes everything in life is a form of customer service and is passionate about simple steps to help people and companies understand they are the key to the difference they wish to make. David helps his clients to identify their integrity and the things that matter to them. And because he continually explores his curiosity for the world, he doesn’t shy away from writing books to make sense of the world and parts of life he doesn’t understand. Instead he explores the endless unknown, as that is where the questions are and the answers lie. David acknowledges his thought processes, accepts his spiritual view of life and realises sometimes there is a conflict and a bridge that needs to be built to move forward. Spiritualism, life and companies have to grow. We cannot stagnate and expect balance. If you have an itch to be doing something different, go and scratch it!

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