Firepower: Making 21st Century Warfare Decisive


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Colonel John Musgrave

Colonel John Musgrave

Colonel John Musgrave served for 35 years in the Royal Regiment of Artillery. He has led the development of the British Army’s joint fires capability, has run firepower in a NATO corps headquarters and commanded the Royal School of Artillery. His book Firepower: Making 21st Century Warfare Decisive reflects his experience in these roles, and his personal experience as a serving officer, of the West’s failure to achieve lasting peace in a series of post-Cold War conflicts. He is a regular speaker at international level on Artillery and Firepower theory and practice, and currently leads a major change programme within the British Army.

In Firepower: Making 21st Century Warfare Decisive Colonel John Musgrave provides a detailed analysis of the role of firepower in the last hundred years of warfare. He establishes which methods led to military victories that could be successfully turned into peace, and why, in contrast, recent conflicts have led to endemic guerrilla warfare and frozen conflicts.

He argues that the West has discarded a proven way of war that valued decisive engagement, achieved through the use of firepower, in favour of one that weaponises information concepts and technology in constant, but never fully resolved, engagement.

In contrast, the West’s likely enemies have increased their focus on firepower on the conventional battlefield, investing in missiles and artillery, and demonstrating their dominance in a series of recent conflicts.

This book argues that Western armies can, and should, develop ground force capabilities – based on battle-proven lines modified by emerging technology – to deter aggressive challenge to the current world order.