The Hidden Prince


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Robert Glasbury

Robert Glasbury

Robert grew up through the 1970’s in Herefordshire not realising the hidden secrets within the family. Following in his father’s footsteps, after leaving school, Robert attended agriculture college. Whilst working in the farming environment, he became acquainted with his wife, Suzan, and they have now been married for 38 years. Robert has two daughters and at present two grandchildren. When the time was right his father Roy Albert showed him the papers he held and told him about who his father really was. Robert at first could not believe what he was hearing, but on reading the letters from the king and others, he knew that what his father had told him to be true. He has published this book from the memoirs of his father and the diaries of his mother’s work colleague, so that it would record the events of the past, for his children, grandchildren, and future generations.

My recollection of one of the proudest days of my life. At the Meardy Farm, I stood next to my mother and my dad Arthur while she rang France to speak to the Duke of Windsor. The change in my mothers voice from this miserable woman in her sixties, who would moan and groan regardless about life, into a young girl blushing at the sound of his voice. “Hello David, its Rose,” she sounded so gentle. I looked at Arthur and he did not look happy with mum, hearing her conversation, watching her acting in this way. I stood waiting nervously, what would I say to this man? A Prince, a King, and now the Duke of Windsor, but always my father. Then mum passed me the telephone, I put it against my ear and stammered. “Hello, it’s Roy, Roy Albert.” The telephone went silent for a few moments, then a voice on the end of the line replied, “Hello Roy Albert, this is Edward …”