The Quick Guide to Effective Strategy


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Craig Lawrence

Craig Lawrence

Craig Lawrence CBE has a proven record of developing highly innovative strategies that exploit opportunities to deliver outstanding results. Commissioned into Britain’s Gurkhas in 1983, he spent much of his Army career developing strategy, both in the Ministry of Defence and on overseas operations, including for NATO in Afghanistan. He left the British Army as a Major General in 2016 and then spent four years teaching strategy and strategic leadership at the UK Government’s ‘strategy school’.

The author of six books and a Fellow of both the Institute of Consulting and the Chartered Management Institute, Craig set up his own strategy consultancy in 2020. He now works across the public, private and third sectors, helping organisations develop the strategies and high-level leadership skills they need to excel in today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous operating environment.

You can find out more about the services that Craig’s company provides at Do get in touch if you’d like to know how he and his team can help your organisation achieve its ambitious vision for the future.

Most strategy books introduce you to lots of different tools, techniques and methodologies that can be used to analyse almost everything. The problem is that they don’t explain how to apply them in a sequence that starts with confirming whether you need a strategy and, if you do, what you want it to achieve, and ends with a completed strategy that you can implement and then adapt as circumstances change (which they inevitably will). This book is different because that’s exactly what it does.

Based on fourteen critical thinking questions dispersed over five thematic stages, the proven methodology described in the book is entirely scalable. This means it works when you only have a few hours to decide how you’re going to react to a rapidly unfolding situation and when you have the luxury of more time to develop your strategy.

Using examples from across the public, private and third sectors, the book provides an invaluable handrail for entrepreneurs, company directors (executive and non-executive), charity trustees, senior government officials, school governors and anyone else who wants to understand how to develop an effective strategy, one that exploits the opportunities and overcomes the obstacles that today’s increasingly chaotic and uncertain environment creates.