Life’s Fare


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Greg Yevko

Greg Yevko

Greg Yevko is a chemical engineer by profession, but is now retired after more than 35 years with a major oil company. He is the son of an immigrant who came to the UK shortly after World War II, and he has worked and lived in a number of places around the UK, as well as in South Africa and the U.S.A. Married, with two grown up children, he now lives with his
wife in a quiet village in Wiltshire – well, relatively quiet.

A corporate team-building exercise for a group of gods results in the creation of The Earth. Two of the gods fall out after one of them sabotages the other’s hard work, and the only way to restore heavenly peace is to set a wager, but they need a case-study. They need Stanley Nelson Marley, his long-suffering wife Marlene, and his unruly family. Stanley has 75 years from the time he is disgorged into the world until the time of his decay, to present a range of scenarios to the gods. From these, they will need to be convinced whether or not humans can actually cope on the home that they have recently been given. A lot of things can go wrong between 1921 and 1996 – how much control over them does Stanley, or indeed any of us, really have? Surely these things can’t all be down to fate; can they?