My Own Little Place

In his multi-layered and multi-genre novel, My Own Little Place, Stephen Payne introduces Bronagh and Finn. Meeting in London and with friendship blossoming into a relationship, this striking pair find themselves in a Celtic odyssey in Ireland, which culminates in the American Rocky Mountains and meeting Ezra. But, when Ezra’s new book announces a solution to the carbon emission crisis, which catches the attention of the CIA, and others, the premise of this thought-provoking novel unfolds.


About The Author

Stephen Payne

Stephen Payne

Stephen is, like all of us, a man on a journey in search of himself. For all of us that journey is a quest for love, power and self expression, a journey that we all hope will lead to a kind of ‘coming to oneself’, a supreme home coming in which we each find ‘our own little place’.

Stephen draws from the experience of his life's journey and powerfully expresses that quest in his writing. His first Novel “My Little Place” is like a pane of cool glass upon which the anecdotal essence of his searchings, and his conjecture upon the characters in this novel, condenses in a mysteriously refreshing way. Stephen invites the reader to join with him in a quest and a struggle that is common to us all as we each strive to find our own “little place”.

For all adventuring readers aged between 13 and 105+ !!!

From the depths of despair, her adventures bring to life curious mysteries, rising the Phoenix in Bronagh’s life.

A brainy young woman, she needs her questions answered, like she needs gold dust. Finn’s life is barren. Does he believe romance applies to him? No he does not.

Rich Celtic culture in Ireland and beyond has underlying secrets. We are lured in and want to know more. Weaving through the mazes and baffling laid down codes unlocks the doors to secrets that will empower them, hopefully positively- but who knows. There is intrigue and menace out there.

But what is the right place without a decent climate and environment? They cannot help but get involved in the fight to fix it, which draws them into adventures from the US Rockies to the East Coast, a car chase, grenades and bullets fly as the Agency-world’s conflicts of interest play out in London.

Will the latest tech be enough to fulfil the Quest? The ancient wisdoms, from under our noses, are sorely needed today.